You must want it bad enough, to go after it.

Have you ever tried to help someone, you give all your efforts and abilities, the results, however, were not encouraging? Upon careful consideration, you realize you wanted good for that person more than they wanted it for themselves. The bible tells us, “every man must give an account of himself” (Romans 14:12kJV). Change is a personal thing. I can want you to change until I am blue in the face, your change will only come if and when you are ready for it. My purpose with my writing is to help you break free of chains which are hindering your progress in life. We dealt with unforgiveness. Before we address another I felt compelled to share with you, that you must desire change with earnest desire, before any change can effectively take place in your life.


before any change can take place we must become aware of the negative behavior which is sabotaging our lives, a sense of dissatisfaction bust begins to disturb you. This feeling of displeasure with your action must become an issue in your life that you begin to do some serious consideration and is now contemplating where you are, how the situation of habit is affecting you, to the point that you are ready to do something about it. Psychology teaches us that change is a process, honey you must come to the point where your desire for change is greater than the satisfaction you are receiving from the negative behavior.


Change take preparation, while contemplating and coming to your place of change, you will begin to see that certain actions will become necessary. What steps will I have to make for me to implement change? I can recall when I came to the point of ending my marriage, which for years had been dysfunctional, one of the first hurdles was to prepare myself for was where was I going to live along with my three children. Should I return to my ents home? or I could get a place of my own and do the work/jobs require


to keep a roof over our heads? The latter was my decision I needed my independence and it would have made me feel less of a person to return home. Prepared to do whatever it took; at one time mean having 2 jobs, then I added training as a financial advisor to the list. The place of change was now my destination no turning back, as you reflect on your situation what are the adjustments you will have to make, the things you are going to have to give up.


You have come to a very important aspect of your change process, its time to take action. You can plan all you want if you don’t put the plan into action you will remain in the same place. Don’t be like those friends you get you into trouble then run away and leave you there to take the heat. Never run out on yourself. You have don’t great to arrive at this point; I am so proud of you. You have contemplated and come to the decision to change, you have come with a plan to change and prepared yourself for the change so Let’s do this!

I am am not going to lie to you and tell you it’s easy because personally I don’t believe that it’s easy. Change is hard work, most of the time in order to make a change you will be going against what feels natural to you; it’s like swimming upstreaming – you will feel the currents of the past behavior pulling you back but press on be determined and persistent, you will come to the place of change if you take the necessary action and don’t give up.


Do you know the saying, “you can’ teach an old dog new tricks” that’s a lie? As you begin to take action, you will be forming new habits, you are tired of the tricks of the past which were not beneficial to you; As a result of your desire and action to impact change, your change will come you will learn a new trick, new ways of thinking and doing things. This final piece of the puzzle is very necessary for your survival. When some purchase a car, they’re informed of what is required to sustain a vehicle that performs well. It will be wise to follow those instructions. The manufac5ure would have laid out, he made it he knows what’s best. Things like regular oil change is vital, I want you to know that you must take regular actions to maintain toe change you have worked so hard for.


Abstain from anything or anyone that will cause you to feel in your pursuit of change. If a particular environment causes you to desire the habits of the past then avoid that environment. While avoiding the negative triggers you must also feed yourself with positive influences, listen to great speakers, read good books, play good music; surround yourself with positive people. Maintainance is necessary on your journey to living a well-balanced life.


In the words of George Bernard Shaw, “Those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything” I stand in agreement with him; that’s where all of this started. In the book of proverbs we are told “as a man thinks, so is he” You are powerful, you have the power of change and you used it. Feed your mind with the manufactures manual, the bible, God created us in his image and likeness. Discover what he says about you, in his word you will fall in love with God and with yourself. A healthy love for yourself gives you the fuel you need to become the person God has called you to be. The head and not the tail, above and not beneath. That’s who you are.

Let me know what these lines have meant to you, how it’s impacting your self-development journey. You are not alone I am praying for you.


Love & Blessings

Suzanna Founder Break Every Chain



Psalm 37:4

Delight thyself in the Lord and he shall give thee, the desires of your heart.

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