The longest journey starts with the first step


To live is to experience conflict, struggles, ups, and downs what makes us and breaks us is our ability to cope and bounce back from these negatives experiences. We enter this world in varying situations, circumstances, and environments. These factors all affect our ability to chose and cope with life’s circumstances. It is in our early years and experiences we formulate our concepts and develop mindsets that can empower us or deter us. Negative mindsets can form strongholds that chain’s us to our past. Negative strongholds and mindsets are our greatest roadblocks in living a successful life. What we believe is more powerful than anything, anyone can say or do to us.


When you scratch a grain on matches if it does not go out, you are assured of getting fire. Childhood pain trauma and disappointment trigger a fire that burns with negativity which burns its way into our adult life. Leaving a trail of negative emotions in its path. They leave behind a trail of negative emotions

Strongholds of negativity such as

* I am not good enough

* Nobody loves me

* Things never work out good for me

* I was not meant to be happy

* I am getting what I deserve


Strongholds as mentioned above, in time, begin to shape our personalities and temperament. Even when you try to be positive and optimistic You feel drawn into a hole of despair, with little hope of getting out. My friend if this is your present experience, I am here to tell you there is hope, those chains can be broken. Here are some negative emotions which can disrupt our lives.

* Loneliness and depression

* Lack of passion and drive for anyone or anything

* A lack of empathy for others

* Inability to cope with change

* Low self-esteem

* A pesamistic attitude



You can break the chains of fear

We are all wired with a self-preservation instinct, which helps us to protect ourselves from hurt, damage, or loss. When we experience deep emotional pain, we begin to protect ourselves with the fear of being hurt like that again. We build emotional walls to keep us safe, we must keep in mind that walls don’t only keep people out they also keep you in, you become a prisoner of your own fears. Eventually, we begin to use substances, people, and things as a source of comfort; drugs, alcohol, relationships, etc. to shield us from the fear we are truly experiencing. The attempt to drawn our hurts, pains, and fears so far away from the surface that we do not have to deal with them on a daily basis. The reality remains you are dying on the inside like a poison that eats from within. In order for you to be free from the chains of past hurts you must allow them to surface. Look your hurts and fears in the face and say goodbye to them. Shout it out, hear yourself say it. faith comes by hearing, the more you hear yourself say it the more you will believe. Fear has torment (1 John 4;18); torment keeps us in bondage. God’s desire for us, is that we are set free. Look those fears straight on and tell them they no longer have power over you. You have the strength Christ came to give, lets look at just some of the more common fear which hinders our lives. The only way to be free is to accept freedom in Christ, he will break the yokes. (Matthew 11:28-29)

Fear of a broken heart of relationship

Fear of disappointment

Let it go -NOW

Fear of physical pain

Fear of emotional pain



If you have not read my blog which spoke about forgiving yourself I strongly suggest you do. STOP beating up yourself. To fall down at times is only natural. The victory lies in being courageous enough to get back up. You are reading this today because you are courageous because you are strong because you desire more out of life and you are willing to make the changes that are necessary. You should be proud of yourself.

FAILURE can be an instrument for learning powerful life lessons, When I am faced with a particular struggle in my life, I am quick to say, “Lord help me to learn my lessons quickly through this situation – I believe the faster I learn that lesson the faster the situation will be resolved. No matter what the experiences life has presented to you, God can turn it around for your good. (Romans 8:28) In fact, that’s my favorite verse of scripture; it governs my life.

Personally I made a number of mistakes in my life, for example, I had my first child out of marriage. My first and second marriages did not last, I made poor choices. Out of thee situations was born my non-profit organization. Many lives have been changed by this organization and my story. I am who I am because of the things I have been through. we are the sum total of our decisions; good or bad.


I would like you to look at life this way, it’s like an exam you must past to get to another level, failure means you have to stay where you are. There are times you may fail the exam but you are given the opportunity to pass it at another time. Everything that has happened in your life, even the ugly and unspeakable things can be turned into good. You may be able to tell someone what you have experienced and they will feel comforted by hearing they are not alone because you walked that road before – If you made it so can they.

My friend your life is not a series of coincidences. God has a plan for your life, work with him, and see your situation turn around for the glory of God and the betterment of others.  I am looking forward to hearing from you in the comments below; live well live free it’s your right. Should you need help to follow through up on this step email,

Love & Blessings

Suzanna Founder Break Every Chain



Micah 7:19

“He will turn again, he will have compassion upon us; he will subdue our iniquities, and thou wilt cast all their sins into the depths of the sea.”