The Covid-19 pandemic has placed us all in a position where we have been forced to rethink our position;

Fear, anxiety and constant uncertainty has become a norm.

Rapid and surprising changes has affected the way we have become accustomed to doing things..

Crucial demands have been placed on us to get with the program or risk being left behind..

Who would have thought it will one day be acceptable to visit the bank wearing a mask?

Our children are attending school on line; rubbed of the irreplaceable joys of interaction and

friendships they once enjoyed. Adults are forced to work from home.

Our freedom of movement restricted and dictated over the past eighteen years.



We are now viewing the funerals and weddings of our loved ones on line, we long for the hugs and kisses

of family members abroad stranded in foreign lands.

Numerous job losses,

Relationships are in chaos as couples wrestle with the new demands placed upon them.

The question on the minds of so many remains

How are we going to survive this?

Will life ever be the same again?

There are those who are still waiting, hoping and believing, life will return to what we consider normal.

I am convinced it will never be as it once was.

We have arrived at a pivotal point in humanity’s history.

The tables have turned.



We must now prepare ourselves for what some call the new-normal; continuous daily changes.

In order to cope, make the necessary adjustment and survive the present changes.

We must first make adjustments in the way we think.

Resilience is needed to bounce back from the grief, disappointment and loss, inflicted upon us by this unexpected enemy, the Covid-19 virus.

In order to cope, to overcome, to become better and not bitter; we must develop a mindset which gives you

the tenacity to stand strong in the midst of all the challenges.

I want to take this moment to encourage you to maintain a healthy state of mind, be careful what information you all to penetrate your mind.


We are bombarded by a host of conflicting information. You must decide for yourself what is relevant and what is not.

The Magic of Thinking Big. Originally published at | by Constantin Kogan | Medium

When you listen to information, radio, television, news paper, social media or whatever form it takes; be conscious of the feelings it evokes in you.

If you feel nervous, fearful, disturbed or a general sense of unrest.

Take note, make a conscious decision to avoid such  material. What we listen to affects the way we think;

What we think affects the way we feel, resulting in the way we act and the decisions we make.

I am not saying, don’t be informed. No it is necessary to be informed, but be carefull to only receive what is needed for your daily wellbeing, ignore the rest.

Spending time meditating on positive literature such as the bible, inspirational books and recordings will help to keep you from becoming negative and anxious.

Let me remind you of the old saying, “your health is your wealth” be kind to yourself.

Maintain your mental and emotional well being.

You have the resilient strength to face this, square in the face and come out smiling.

That’s all for today, drop me a line in the comments or via my email, Let me know how this has been a blessing to you, or share with me some ideas of your own.

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Love & Blessings

Resilient Suzanna


Thou will keep him in perfect peace, all who trust in you and all whoes thoughts are fixed on you. ( Issaiah 26:3) NLT