We have been looking at just a few of the chains which bind us. Today we are going to spend some time addressing the first chain mentioned; “chains of the past’. One of the realities of life is captured in the words of George Santayana, “those who cannot remember the past are destined to repeat it”. In order to live a life free of chains, we must first face our past.


I need you to find a quiet place a book and a pen,

Sit in your most comfortable position

Take 7 controlled deep breaths slowly breathing in and out, allowing fresh air to fill you longs and by extension your brain cells

Allow yourself to reflect on the situations in your life which has caused you to feel

1 Hurt

2 Lonely

3 Rejected

4 Unlovable

5 Ugly

Make headings to identify each of them separately.

In the process of going through these steps you may become very emotional; if you feel the tears begin to sting your eyes allow them to flow. Personally one of the ways I cope with negative experiences is to bury them so far within, I consciously forget them. It works but only on the surface. Like a house that is built on shifting ground is one day certain to crack and come apart. So it is with us. The hurts of the past even when we don’t regularly recall them, certainly eat away at our foundation. One day we are guaranteed to crack, even fall apart. Only the persons closest to us, at times, are able to see signs of the underlying damage which is taking place within us. I need you to uncover those negative experiences you have buried way beneath your surface; In order to deal with them effectively, we must bring them to the surface.


I am almost certain you have heard of the serenity prayer – if not allow me to quote it for you.

God grant me the serenity,

to accept the things I cannot change

the wisdom to change the things I can;

and the knowledge to know the difference.

I am often compelled to share this prayer with my fourteen-year-old son, who is greatly challenged but a number of changes that occurred in our family. Holding on to the wounds of the past, they bleed into our future.

The only way to be free from this dilemma is to accept that the past is the past, there is absolutely NOTING you can do to change. God has given you the power to change your future in spite of your past.


There is no way to change the experiences of the past, as tragic or traumatizing as they may be. We can easily come up with a list of terrible experiences that people are forced to live with starting as early as childhood. Those things we can do nothing about, what we are required do is, develop coping skills which will enable us to live a valuable and productive life in spite of our history.

You can change your bitterness in a blessing,

Turn your sorrow, into joy,

Turn your weeping, into dancing

Your pain into purpose.

This is the purpose for my writing to help you on this journey that’s called life, to get us all to a place where the pains of the past no longer hold us in chains.


Now let us go back to the list of negative experiences, you made earlier. I am certain they did not make you feel positive. The only way to bring about positivity out of those negative experiences is to address them one by one. Next, I want you to list the names of the persons who are tied to those experiences; anyone living or dead who would have contributed to the hurt you feel in relation to those painful experiences in your past.

When you have completed your list of names; I want you to call each name on the list one by one and say these words.

NAME THE PERSON I give myself permission to forgive you and release you from the pain you have caused me. I let you go NOW. What you did to me can no longer hurt me. I am free, the chains are broken, I forgive you. God has given me the grace, strength, and courage to forgive you.

Repeat this process every day for one week, until you are convinced you are experiencing that release in your heart. For some of you, it will only take one day, for others it will take more. You can cross out the names one by one as you begin to experience your release. When every name has been crossed out, have a victory burning of that list.


It was Alexander Pope who said “to err is human – to forgive is divine”. What a unique statement. Mankind finds it easier to commit wrong than to do right. It’s part of our sinful nature. It takes God in us to forgive, making it a divine act. Our natural human response is to protect ourselves from harm, physical, emotional, or spiritual. Whenever we experience hurts, in order to avoid being hurt again by the same person; our defenses go up. We become determined to never let it happen again. We make an unconscious decision to hold them to the act they committed. The danger lies in the reality that we also tie ourselves to them and the act of the resulting pain. This act binds us with chains of unforgiveness which now eats at our well-being. In order to become from such persons and the acts they committed we must set them free by a conscious decision to forgive.

For the next seven days until we connect again, go through your list forgive them one by one ask God to heal your brokenness, and give you the strength to forgive. I welcome your comments, let me know how this has helped you. Should your response be personal feel free to email me; contact@breakeverychain.com.

Love & Blessing

Suzanna, Founder Break Every Chain


1 John 3:8 (KJV)

For this purpose, the Son of God was manifested, that he might destroy the works of the devil.


It’s easy to recall moments in my life when I felt like I was about to go under, the waters of life had so overwhelmed me that I felt myself gasping for breath; reaching out, and needing a hand to hold. I knew how to pray and this is what maintained my sanity during those trying times. The bondage I experienced, my greatest cry “Lord breaks these chain” Our ability to cope with the negatives the curve balls life throws at us seldom comes from outside circumstances, but rather from deep within our heart and soul. We survive based on unconscious survival skills life we learn from those who surrounded us. My mother often told my father, “do as I say but not as I do; does not work”. I have come to understand how true that statement really is.

From childhood, we are thought the things we should and should not do and how to do them; and that’s great we need these skills to survive. The unspoken lessons we learn parallel to this is the emotional and psychological development of our well- being. If every time your mother becomes angry she lashes out at you, or cursed at everyone around, that’s how you, who sat in the corner saying absolutely nothing, but you learn to accept that it is acceptable behavior when someone gets you angry. When you see your father express love to your mother through hugs, kisses, taking out the trash, and helping out around the house. You will learn that’s the way a man should treat his wife. Sorry to say the opposite is also true, a child who grows up with abusive parents, the majority of the time grows into abusers themselves or struggle with personal issues which stems from living with an abusive parent.

These are some types of issues when experienced in childhood that holds on to us like chains preventing us from fulfilling the purpose for which we were created. Today we will take a quick look at some chains in our lives that need to be broken. keeping a journal can help us through this process.

Don’t go under you can make it


Today I received this very fitting video, the picture portrayed a dog lying asleep next to a tiger, bigger thank himself. The dog woke up suddenly. Upon opening his eyes he saw the tiger, the dog scampered away basically screaming and barking; One of the lessons which can be gained from that video is precisely what I would like to explore with you today. The dog’s instinct and previous knowledge told him that a tiger can be very dangerous. Instantly he ran away in an effort to protect himself. In reality, the dog was never in danger, it was a stuffed animal that lay next to him; he became a victim of his own fears.

Ask yourself the question, many times have you backed down from doing something that may have yielded positive results. The tiger of doubt and fears arise, causing us to run away in an effort to protect yourself from failure or disappointment. Based on our past experiences we chose to run in despair. The present dilemma triggered an experience from your childhood and early adult life affects, therein lies the basis for the way we respond to people, or circumstances, our personality, and the way we forgive ourselves and others. Our psychological well-being constitutes a balance between feeling good and our ability to function effectively under daily circumstances, even when we are not feeling good. Unresolved hurts becomes stored in our memory bank, to be triggered when situations arise. Fear, doubt, anxiety, shame, self-doubt are some of the chains which bind you and hinders your ability to live a full and productive life.



Negativity can be very contagious, have you ever been feeling fine your day is going well you are experiencing; when up comes someone who is dripping with gloom and doom, fearful about life, “the sky is falling type of person” by the time they depart you are feeling heavy and depressed, even though your circumstances had not changed. Without realizing it that person had contaminated you; their negative energy has influenced your state of mind.

If this can happen just from being in the presence of someone. What happens to us when we grow up in a negative environment. There are persons who can’t seem to help themselves, you throw them a birthday party and they are still sulky and unhappy. Chances are they have lived in negativity and it has become their temperament, their personality, it’s their normal. IT IS MEDICALLY PROVEN this type of negativity can increase the risk of heart disease, breathing-related issues, and other diseases. It poisons your emotional well-being. These chains must be broken.


We often make the error of thinking when we forgive someone we are doing them a favor, quite contrary to this notion lies the truth; we are in fact doing ourselves the favor. I recall reading a book where there was a young woman who was ill with an undiagnosed illness, for a number of years. The situation grew so severe that she was at the point of death. Faced with the realization that she was about to die, she chose to make amends with her father who she had not spoken to for years. She desired to forgive him before she died. She made arrangements for him to visit her so they can make their peace before her passing. The day came and they both cleared the air, they embraced and he left. To everyone’s amazement, that night she slept well, the following day she began to eat regular meals, and with each passing day, her condition improved. After, a couple of months her illness was no more. This unexpected turn of events was attributed to the decision she made to forgive her father. Research has now proven that forgiveness leads to major illnesses such as cancer. When we carry around unforgiveness in our lives, it poisons us from the inside out. It binds us in chains that need to be broken.



Millions of people struggle with this every day; attached to this comes feelings of depression and a lack of purpose for living. This is a sad reality that can go undetected for years. It is possible to be living a life which appears complete and fulfilling, while at the same time carry feelings of rejection. The root cause lies deep within our mother’s womb. For many what is supposed to be a safe place, was not. It may have been safe physically but not emotionally and psychologically.

Rejection hurts an ant age


When, a pregnant woman experiences abandonment by the father of the child, or rejection by her parents or peers these feels transfers to the unborn child. The results being a child who now enters the world feeling, unloved and rejected. These feelings are chains which retards the process of happiness during the lifetime of that individual if those chains are not broken.



We have covered quite a lot this week, and there other chains which can be added to this list. Join me next week as we continue this discussion. My desire is for you to live a life that’s free and fulfilling. I look forward to your comment on how our discussion has impacted.

Love & Blessings

Suzanna, Founder Break Every Chain



Isaiah 61:1-3 (KJV)

1 The Spirit of the Lord God is upon me; because the Lord hath anointed me to preach good tidings unto the meek; he hath sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives, and the opening of the prison to them that are bound;

To proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord, and the day of vengeance of our God; to comfort all that mourn;

To appoint unto them that mourn in Zion, to give unto them beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning, the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness; that they might be called trees of righteousness, the planting of the Lord, that he might be glorified.


As we walk along each day, with smiles on our faces, the usual greetings and handshakes; we say to the world I am fine, everything is OK. NO one sees what is truly taking place deep inside our innermost thoughts, the chains which bind us and prevents us from being the type of person we dream ourselves to be, I believe with the right strategy we can break free from every chain. Stay with me as I introduce you to my purpose ladder. Together you will break free. The first step is to realize that FREEDOM is a personal matter, only you can decide what freedom means to you as an individual.


We have all grown accustomed to the most frequently used form of the term Freedom, which is “the right to act speak or think as we want” The definition I hold dear to my heart says, freedom is; “the state of not being imprisoned or enslaved” That tells me I am free to do what I want, when I want, how I want and where I want. Hold up a second, don’t be too quick to respond “I am free“, I please myself no one tells me what to do, I only follow what I believe. Congratulations. That may be true to a great extent, but the freedom I am referring to goes deeper than that. What I am speaking about is inner freedom. The ability to win the war within.




Walter Mosley penned the lines ” freedom is a state of mind” What I have discovered is that true freedom resides in the mind. You carry within you the ability to exist in a state where your inner desires compliment your outer actions. It is the ability to harness the power that lies within each of us that gives us the capacity to accept the role we must play in the quality of life we live. To live in a state where we possess such control over our feelings, that our strength of mind can shield us from external environmental circumstances. That’s FREEDOM, I am certain you have heard the proverbial saying

Two men looking out a prison window,

one sees stars the other sees dirt.



The English definition of Freedom speaks of “personal liberty, as from slavery” I kept on digging, I saw it expressed as “being free from something unpleasant or bad” Surely personal liberty can mean different things to different people. This brings me to the focus of my writing at this moment. Freedom such a general term, everyone desires to be free that sentiment is a universal one. There are countries in the world that boast of liberty and justice for all. They are ruled by a democratic government and the citizens enjoy national freedom. I care to explore freedom on a personal level. Ask yourself in a moment of quiet meditation;

1* Who am I

2* Am I the person I desire to be?

3* What are the things, persons and situations preventing me from being the person I desire to be?

It is possible to live in a country which prides itself on being free and fair, be part of a family where everyone is free to express themselves; yet, you find yourself living in bondage; hindered from fulfilling your full potential, turn up by negativity and self-doubt. There, exist that silent cry, the tears which flow in the middle of the night. The streams of unfilled desire which resonate in your bosom; “I want to be free I want to be me”. Sorry to note, but that’s the silent cry of so many in today’s society. The road to freedom is indeed a personal one.



My husband Desmond grew up in the country, he loves to hear the sound of birds singing, that beautiful orchestra they create in the morning giving glory to God. Now that he is no longer in the country he has chosen to get himself a bird and house it in a cage. The first time he came home with his caged bird, wanting me to celebrate with him, I found it a bit difficult to do so. It brought him such joy, yet my heart was saying “poor birdie, his family must be crying for him”

This dear little bird had lost its freedom they went to the forest and snatched him away from his family. The question I ask myself since that day, is, what are the things which have been snatched from me, withholding me from leading a fulfilling life. I look at that bird from time to time two years later and still, my heart yearns for its freedom.



I believe God has given me a heart filled with the desire to help you, help everyone who comes within my space to find the freedom he desires that they experience. Freedom to fulfill your purpose and destiny in life. In order to be truly free, each aspect of our existence must be examined and included in our plan of living a life of wholeness and wellness.

Collins Dictionary defines Freedom ” as a state of being allowed to do what you want to do” rightly so, should we stop to consider, what happens when you receive that brainstorming idea, get all excited and ready to go. wait a minute, that’s only for a few hours even minutes until that inner voice begins that internal debate, “you can’t do that, it’s too difficult, it cost too much, you don’t have the money or the education, no one will like you or it. YOU WILL FAIL, Hmmm!. That’s the voice of the chain which binds so many of us. Then are we truly free?, I must contend NO!. Should this definition is correct as I believe it is? Why are not we allowed to be and to do what we want to do, we live in fear running from that dreadful word “FAILURE”

My desire, my hope, my wish is that as you spend time with me every week on a beautiful Wednesday, WE WILL BREAK THOSE CHAINS.  It will be such a joy to read your comments, so share them with me.

Love & Blessings

Suzanna/ Founder Break Every Chain



Joshua 24:15 (KJV)

15 And if it seems evil unto you to serve the Lord, choose you this day whom ye will serve; whether the gods which your fathers served that were on the other side of the flood or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land ye dwell: but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.

About Me

I am so thrilled that you have chosen to join me today. WELCOME, I look forward to this being a time of release and refreshing for you. Thank you for allowing me the privilege to be a part of your journey. I am here to hold your hand as you move from where you are to where your heart desires. Progress in any endeavor is a two-way journey so believe me when I say; “Yes”, we can do this together.


In 2008 with three children and a small income; fifteen years of marriage had come to an end. A self-employed preschool operator not making enough money to support myself or my three children, I was compelled to take this leap of faith. The deceit, the false hopes, the unfaithfulness, the betrayal, and abuse; my wounded heart could no longer endure. Every dream I once held now appeared to be a fantasy.


I took the first step and never looked back.

It is while walking through this winding path the journey of my life, the vision for THE HEART OF A SISTER FAMILY FOUNDATION was birthed. One lonely day as I lay on my bed reflecting on the months which had elapsed; I thanked God for family and friends who supported me. Deep within my soul, I felt a passion and burden for hurting women engulf. The decision was made; I am going to make a positive difference in the lives of women/families. Women who had nowhere to go and no one to turn too as a result of abuse, divorce,

abandonment, illness, single parents, or any of life’s adverse circumstances. A woman who seems to have it all put together but on the inside, she is dying; to provide support and life skills to cope with the tragedies of life. This was the vision, the mandate given to me by God. I have spent the last eleven years committed to community work. This has resulted in positive changes and transformed lives.

I have no rights to the music in this video.

In reflection, it is revealed, that all I have experienced both negative and positive have prepared me for this; the ability to set people free from the chains which bind them. I embarked on numerous studies and research to better equip myself for this role. I discovered that the foundation of our problems lies rooted in chains of negativity which took place in our generations, both past and present. In order to live a life free from desperation, lack and failure faced by me is to deal with it from the core. These Chains must be broken. I will introduce you to what I call “THE PURPOSE LADDER” This will help you find your way into a fulfilled life. I believe we were all placed on this earth for a purpose, the experiences we encounter prepares us, trains us, equips us to be better qualified for our purpose. Therefore, at the end of the journey, all things can work together for our good.


I have been featured in Trinidad & Tobago’s Express Women’s magazine. I have been on radio and television sharing the work and vision of our foundation. In celebration of our Nation’s Independence in 2016, I was presented with an award of honor for community service. One of my passions is writing, My first book, “Happily Ever After” was published in February 2017. I have also written articles for a number of magazines. I continue to advance this work and vision as my destiny’s assignment. Now I am here to help you live a victorious life.


I believe there is greatness inside every one of us. I am compelled to help those who are struggling to find their place in this world. Many of them are victims of circumstances. With the proper information and someone to help them on their journey, this will enable them to achieve their place in the sun.


To help you move from living a life of fear and defeat into living a life victory.

To teach you how to lead your children into successful living by breaking generation curses/traditions

To empower women, by showing them their God-ordained value and purpose in life.

My greatest delight is to bring value to you, each time you visit my site. I trust that we will be open with each other, you will share your comments after each blog. I also welcome further communication with you if you are in need of my advice you can email me – contact@fredomtribes.com

Love & Blessings

Suzanna – Founder Break Every Chain.

1 Corinthians 15:10 (KJV) But by the grace of God I am what I am…