Worship, the primary purpose for which we were created.

One of the pursuits we all have in common is our desire to know, understand, and fulfill our purpose in life. The age-old why am I here question and man’s constant search for meaning in life.

I have found a few things to be true.

1* We were created spirit soul and body; the majority will say body, soul, and spirit. I beg to differ, without the spirit which is everlasting the body and soul remains dead, dormant unable to function.

2* When we die the spirit lives on, that’s who we truly are. The soul kept alive by the spirit is who we are, our personalities, our character our talents and our abilities are within our soul. Our mind conscious and subconscious dictates how the soul functions.

3* The body is our house our packaging. We all come in our own unique packaging,  The marvel of this mystery is so incredibly amazing that God when he created us in his vast wisdom made us different; even identical twins who may appear to look the same. Their packaging is still different; their fingerprints are not the same.

4* What we do have in common is the capacity to worship God. Man’s search for God has led to the formation of numerous religions. God is his search for a man, created in us a longing desire to worship him.


You know I am always pushing you to think; ask yourself the question, why is it so many famous people who appear to have it all, end their lives by committing suicide. We were created with a capacity for worship; when this is left void, the emptiness creates a longing for fulfillment, completion or should I say true happiness. I did some research the list was endless; the vast volume of public figures; individuals who took their lives was alarming. Death by suicide shows no respect for age, sex, class, talent – prince, or princes. I challenge you to research it for yourself.

Actor David Carradine hanged himself in 2009.

Internet activist Aaron Swartz hanged himself in 2013

Olympic medalist skier Jeret Peterson shot himself in 2011.

British fashion designer Alexander McQueen hanged himself in his wardrobe in 2010

Alireza Pahlavi, the Prince of Iran, who killed himself by gunshot in 2011

Leila Pahlavi, the Princess of Iran, who overdosed in 2001.

British actress and model Lucy Gordon hanged herself in 2009

Kpop singer Goo Hara killed herself in 2019

Actor and comedian Robin Williams hanged himself in 2014.

I can recall hearing of the death of Robin Williams, he was my favorite comedian-actor, and I really don’t like comedy but the man was good, in fact great. Who would have thought someone like that would have taken his own life.

Let’s bring this home, you need to find your worship experience, get to know God for yourself. A great place to start is by reading your bible and asking God to reveal himself; the truth, to you. This is the basis of worship. To get to know God in a real and intimate way.

Seek after God for yourself so you can pass on what you learn to your children. Let this a part of your legacy. This is the greatest gift you can leave your child, the ability to know God for themselves and worship him.

I am excited about my walk with God, he gives true meaning to life, that way I awake each day with purpose. Share in this excitement.


“Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God, and keep his commandments: for this is the whole duty of man.” Ecc. 12:13 KJV


Love & Blessings





12 thoughts on “CREATED TO WORSHIP

  1. Despite our Situation we are blessed to be a blessing.
    Look in the mirror and tell me what you see ?
    when I look in my mirror I see a young man bless with eyes bless with health bless with hearing smelling and I have the privilege of a million dollars smile.

    1. Hi Brianna
      Forgive me for my late response, so much have been happening, but I am back
      I do appreciate your response. We can stay in touch,kindly email me at
      I recently published my book Happily Ever After. I look forward to hearing from you.
      Love & Blessings

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