Suzanna’s Books

Happily Ever After

I invite you to join me on my journey to self-discovery, to the realization of God’s purpose being fulfilled in my life, and my struggle with low self-esteem coupled with the bad choices which resulted. I refused to give in to fear and depression, believing there has to be a brighter day. Like me, you may be ravished by the effects of poor self-worth. I am here to tell you there is so much greatness residing inside of you. We must all come to the realization, life is a journey from conception to the grave in our search for happiness and fulfillment. This is the story of my journey; may it be an inspiration and motivation to you my reader.

Servant Leadership 


By Suzanna P Wallace- Armstrong


The only way up is down, that may sound like a very contradictory statement. In my years of service and careful research and observation. Truth is readily available in God’s word the bible. He that is greatest among you let him serve. (Matt.23:11-15). This truth does not only apply to the church and Christianity, but in the world of business and leadership. In this book, we will explore, such a fundamental truth that can revolutionize your life, your business as it transforms your style of leadership.