Mother, simply put, is a female parent; yet there is no simplicity when it comes to understanding what it means to be a mother. Her role is multi-faceted; as the old people would say, “she is a jack of all trades –master of none”. I sum her up to be God’s greatest gift to the world. She embodies, love, compassion, and tenderness; of course that’s a true mother to which I am referring.

Her life cannot be described in one sentence. To elaborate on it, is a lifelong dialogue. Mothers of today are faced with greater challenges than ever before; they are called upon to stay abreast of a different type of lifestyle, language, music, and technology; which many are not prepared for in this fast-paced age of technology. The children of today believe they know more than their parents because they can manipulate electronic devices with a flick of their thumb while their mother looks on in admiration.

Things were so simple when I was young, mothers would have time to tell stories, give quotes and sayings; loaded with values and morals for daily living. They would have time to groom and guide, they would cook a meal wash the dishes, review our homework all in one day, life skills was an ongoing class which was always in progress. Mothers were the enforcers; I remember my brothers being placed on curfew whenever they were allowed to go out, if you were smart you knew better than to break it. Or bear the consequences, like that all too familiar voice in the middle of the fair shouting “it’s 6 o clock” as you slowly look around there she would be cloth in her housedress with curlers in her hair, waiting to color you and drag you home. If you were annoyed don’t show it, she had laser-guided technology, if she threw a shoe at you it would be sure to hit, mother’s backed then never missed. They would love you to death but they would also beat the life out of you if you stepped out of line. There were boundaries and we knew not to cross them; something now lacking in today society.


A mother’s love is perennial, from the beginning of time, her role crosses beyond humanity; it is also exemplified in the animal kingdom. The way in which a mother hen guards and nestles her young, all species provide, protect, and defend their young to the very end, this shows love unconditional. We have this comfort, if there is no one else in our corner – mummy is there to hold us up. I once heard a story of a mother and her two children living through a famine. After a long painful search for food, she found a small scrap to eat. She ate all, much to the condemnation of those who looked on. She said,” if I died who will take care of my children, then we would all die, I must live so they can live”.  The same example is seen when flying on a plane or sailing on a ship. You are told by those in authority to put on your life jacket first before assisting the children. If something is to happen to you who will take care of your children.

Mothers give so much they tend to neglect their personal needs, dreams, and ambitions. To you mothers out there we love you we need you now more than ever in these turbulent times. Take time to smell the roses, you are doing a great job. From the safety of your womb, you shared a priceless nine months with us, your thoughts, your fears, your happiness, and your heartbeat. You are the symbol of life, we salute you. The Heart Of A Sister Foundation salute all the mothers out there who are mother indeed. Those who are not living up to their true calling, we say “arise be the woman God has called you to be”.


Love & Blessings                                                                                                                              Suzanna