It is said “the only thing constant in life is change” the irony of that statement is that it is true. Change is scarcely ever greeted with open arms; except if it is the kind of change we have been hoping and waiting for.  That’s not the kind of change we are going to discuss today. The world has found itself in a pandemic; Covid-19 has resulted in severe and unexpected changes. For the average individual, we could not have imagined the world the way it is today. Personally, I feel like I am looking at a SIFI Movie. Or in a bad dream wishing to wake up, but I can’t. The demand has been placed on all of us to make adjustments, to change the way in which we live our lives and conduct our daily affairs.

Let us explore the type of change we are forced to make from time to time, the type of change that hits us in the face telling us we have no choice but to roll with the punches, life or death changes. The changes we find so hard to confront can turn out to be the most transforming us. The type of change the doctors and health professionals keep prompting us to make.

Have you ever found yourself waking up in the morning, you stretch trying to get life into those wary mussels while dragging yourself out of the bed. The thoughts hit your mind how am I going to make it through this day. For persons who are not working as a result of Covid-19 shutdowns, fear begins to embrace you.

There many factors which play a part when it comes to change.As we approach the crossroads in our lives we stand on the thresh holds of doors that beacons us to come through in order for change to take place. The change may be as simple as changing our moods or our minds about something or someone; yet at times it takes greater efforts, leading us to ask ourselves questions such as; should I go through, should I open this door and cross over, where will this door lead?

How we embrace change is entirely up to us. Progress cannot be accomplished without change. I have been considering this for some time, the way situations transform us. Reflect on the defining moments of your life; you will discover these moments, were embedded in situations that compelled you to change. Change; puts us in a place that allows us to evolve into someone bigger, someone better, and someone wiser. It is from that position, that vantage point, we can use the lessons learned to encourage someone who is now walking where we have once walked.

My friend, today we may be all standing before various doors calling us to change, doors of death, illness, age, etc. such circumstances usually demands change. It may be the issues of life where we live, who we love, divorce or remarry, the list can go on, living through the present pandemic; all of which require change.

I implore you, as you stand before your doors of change, it just may be a turning point in your life to lead you to your desired place. Pray, investigate, get counsel and with wisdom proceed with caution. God is with you and there are others praying for you my friend, so you are never alone. The world has survived a great deal. and we will survive Covid-19. STAY SAFE.



Malachai 3:6

I am the Lord I change not…