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I am so thrilled that you have chosen to join me today. WELCOME, I look forward to this being a time of release and refreshing for you. Thank you for allowing me the privilege to be a part of your journey. I am here to hold your hand as you move from where you are to where your heart desires. Progress in any endeavor is a two-way journey so believe me when I say; “Yes”, we can do this together.


In 2008 with three children and a small income; fifteen years of marriage had come to an end. A self-employed preschool operator not making enough money to support myself or my three children, I was compelled to take this leap of faith. The deceit, the false hopes, the unfaithfulness, the betrayal, and abuse; my wounded heart could no longer endure. Every dream I once held now appeared to be a fantasy.


I took the first step and never looked back.

It is while walking through this winding path the journey of my life, the vision for THE HEART OF A SISTER FAMILY FOUNDATION was birthed. One lonely day as I lay on my bed reflecting on the months which had elapsed; I thanked God for family and friends who supported me. Deep within my soul, I felt a passion and burden for hurting women engulf. The decision was made; I am going to make a positive difference in the lives of women/families. Women who had nowhere to go and no one to turn too as a result of abuse, divorce,

abandonment, illness, single parents, or any of life’s adverse circumstances. A woman who seems to have it all put together but on the inside, she is dying; to provide support and life skills to cope with the tragedies of life. This was the vision, the mandate given to me by God. I have spent the last eleven years committed to community work. This has resulted in positive changes and transformed lives.

I have no rights to the music in this video.

In reflection, it is revealed, that all I have experienced both negative and positive have prepared me for this; the ability to set people free from the chains which bind them. I embarked on numerous studies and research to better equip myself for this role. I discovered that the foundation of our problems lies rooted in chains of negativity which took place in our generations, both past and present. In order to live a life free from desperation, lack and failure faced by me is to deal with it from the core. These Chains must be broken. I will introduce you to what I call “THE PURPOSE LADDER” This will help you find your way into a fulfilled life. I believe we were all placed on this earth for a purpose, the experiences we encounter prepares us, trains us, equips us to be better qualified for our purpose. Therefore, at the end of the journey, all things can work together for our good.


I have been featured in Trinidad & Tobago’s Express Women’s magazine. I have been on radio and television sharing the work and vision of our foundation. In celebration of our Nation’s Independence in 2016, I was presented with an award of honor for community service. One of my passions is writing, My first book, “Happily Ever After” was published in February 2017. I have also written articles for a number of magazines. I continue to advance this work and vision as my destiny’s assignment. Now I am here to help you live a victorious life.


I believe there is greatness inside every one of us. I am compelled to help those who are struggling to find their place in this world. Many of them are victims of circumstances. With the proper information and someone to help them on their journey, this will enable them to achieve their place in the sun.


To help you move from living a life of fear and defeat into living a life victory.

To teach you how to lead your children into successful living by breaking generation curses/traditions

To empower women, by showing them their God-ordained value and purpose in life.

My greatest delight is to bring value to you, each time you visit my site. I trust that we will be open with each other, you will share your comments after each blog. I also welcome further communication with you if you are in need of my advice you can email me – contact@fredomtribes.com

Love & Blessings

Suzanna – Founder Break Every Chain.

1 Corinthians 15:10 (KJV) But by the grace of God I am what I am…

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